But, let's be honest ladies and gentlemen thoughtful hair care... well, it takes something that is hard to come by these days, time. This is where I tip my hat, or better yet, spring my curl to Shtrands and their personalized hair care regimens. 

#PghGBE: my stevie

The guest blogger antics on April 1st, better known as the trending, yes TRENDING, #PghGBE on the Twitter-verse, was one of the proudest moments of my Pittsburgh blogging career. Check it for more behind-the-scenes photos. 

Found Fashion

Pittsburgh Guest Blogger Event: Some of the best items in my wardrobe are items that I’ve acquired from friends’ and family members’ thrift store piles (and closets), from very random yard sales, and even from the lost and found. These pieces all have a story that precedes the moment when I laid my eyes on them; perhaps it’s part of the appeal, you know? 

Badger Jaw Necklace

We all have our form of style jigs. Ya know, when a sexy pair of shoes is grabbed on sale or a stranger publicly proclaims their love for your outfit: we do a little jig. So when I scored this badger jaw necklace from hot haute hot, a lively jig was done all the way down Penn Ave.